ADCIRC Coastal Circulation and Storm Surge Model + SWAN Wave Model


The Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment (CERA) group delivers storm surge and wave predictions for impending or active tropical cyclones in the United States. Based on the Advanced Circulation and Storm Surge model (ADCIRC), the CERA web mapping application provides an easy-to-use interactive web interface. Emergency managers, weather forecasters, and GIS specialists can retrieve real-time forecasting results to evaluate the impacts of a tropical event or to see the tide, wind-wave, and extra-tropical surge conditions on a daily basis.

ACCESS CERA MAPS (Click on a colored region of the map)

The CERA maps are produced, solely, to provide guidance to local, state & federal emergency managers
and designated emergency responders. By accessing the CERA maps and using the associated GIS data, you agree to the CERA Terms & Conditions.


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